I have a dream.
I hope that one day,
when we open our eyes every day,
we can see the blue sky,
breathe in the fresh air,
hear singing birds and flowing water,
and we can no longer worry about the  destruction of environment and the outbreak of the disease.
I hope that one day, everyone can enjoy the wonderful life that brought by technological innovation.

We hope that
Our customers will no longer have to worry about not having a reasonable plan for exercise due to busy work.
No more anxiety of appearance in finding satisfying clothes,
do not have to be frustrated because of the quality of the product,
and do not have to worry about poor customer service after purchase.
You will be no longer hesitate because your needs cannot be met.

I Hope our guest
Moved by our carefully designed and hand-selected products
Moved by the satisfaction of needs in every sporting scene
Moved by best customer service of industry
Moved by the greetings and blessings from us long after purchase.

I have a dream.
Hope that one day our designers and our servers
Will be able to get the dignity and respect that they deserve.
I hope our colleagues, even if they are not born smart or pretty,
Even without a privileged background and a perfect resume,
And yet they all have a frank, honest, and responsible face
And a brave heart

Hope our colleague
Are able to bath under the sunshine of righteous cooperation.
And share same opportunities,
receive same amount of helps and cares,
from company and from each other.
I hope that our colleagues can learn a lot of practical skills and accomplish an extraordinary career.

I hope that one day my naughty daughter, who is still in school, will become an adult and be proud of what we have done and the value we have created.

These dreams are not that great,
We are just born in this great age.
Engage in a great career.

I always wonder
If we don't do these things, who else will?
Let's work hard together.

1a1a founder, Lin.